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Holiday Parties Are Coming Up; Stay Hydrated
November 17, 2022
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Reverse Osmosis Can Improve Office Health
January 19, 2023

Are Water Coolers A Thing Of The Past?

Although water coolers have been found in offices for many years, they were once less popular than they were. In the past, people would go to the water cooler to socialize with their colleagues and superiors and stay updated on workplace news. However, now that we live in a digital age, there are more efficient ways of keeping up with what’s happening and taking a break. Additionally, for various reasons, filtered water coolers are only sometimes considered the best choice for workplaces.

The need to monthly (or sometimes more frequently) replace the water jug and constant use of plastic is not only bad for the environment but also inconvenient. Also, it isn’t as sanitary as other options since people can stick the spout into their cups or bottle, allowing germs to attach to where drinking water is dispensed. Workplaces are also leaning towards not using water coolers because they believe it makes employees less productive when waiting in line or chatting too long. A “quick trip” to the water cooler can quickly turn into 20-30 minutes of conversation, costing the company money.

Many corporate workplaces still provide free, filtered water, but there is a better option available than the hunk of plastic that gets swapped out on a rotating basis. A Reverse Osmosis purified bottleless solution which tackles all of the issues that have made water coolers seem less than desirable while also providing several of its benefits along the way. PureAquatek offers one of the best bottleless water coolers around.


Workplaces Want To Be Greener


The shareholders of many corporate companies are increasingly pressuring the board to adopt more sustainable practices. This includes anything from implementing paperless communication solutions to ensuring recycling bins are placed in the staff kitchen. With a heightened focus on leaving the planet in a better state than we found, many businesses take pride in their sustainability efforts and actively search for ways to decrease their environmental impact further.

Reducing the amount of plastic in your office is one of the best ways to be sustainable. You can start by ditching water coolers and opting for a hydration station instead. Not only will this save plastic, but it’s also better for the environment.

With this solution, there’s no need for plastic water bottles or cups. Your employees can fill up their reusable water bottles as often as they like. The innovative design takes up minimal space and yet can support a large number of employees. In addition to eliminating the need for plastic, it also has features like a direct, endless supply of cold purified water & ICE. Businesses can do their part to reduce environmental waste by implementing this easy solution.

Plastic water coolers are just as outdated in the corporate workplace as fax machines. Most plastic water bottles end up in landfills or the ocean, which then causes huge issues among marine life and ecosystems. In other words, by consuming fish and other seafood, we’re inadvertently participating in an unsustainable food system that puts us at risk.

Did you know that about 23% of plastic bottles are recycled in the US? The other 77% sit in landfills for a MINIMUM of 400 years before they decompose naturally. And these landfills are running out of space! As the water bottles break down, pollutants leak into our waterways and can be carried by the wind- causing even more harm to the environment.


Water Coolers Frequently House Bacteria and Germs


Not only do water coolers come with an ongoing monthly expense, but they also aren’t the most sanitary option for workplaces. With already high breeding grounds for shared germs and subsequent sick days, one of the culprits can be found at the water cooler. Water trays not cleaned or dried regularly can breed mold and harmful bacteria. Not only can the spout of water coolers attract germs, but they may also contribute to a loss in productivity.

Employee absenteeism costs companies billions of dollars in productivity each year. When employees are close together, it’s easy for one person’s sickness to spread throughout the whole office, even if it starts with something as small as a cold. The more we can do to stop the spread of germs, the better it is for work, both from a productivity and profitability standpoint. Even employees who come to work sick don’t put forth their best effort, leading to mistakes that cost money.

PureAquatek’s Bottleless water coolers have a large fill area- so no matter the size of your cup, bottle, or jug, you can fill it without the vessel coming close to the opening. Plus, with a touch-free dispenser, this allows for contactless water delivery!

Our closed system and filtration also get rid of bacteria and other pollutants. So, whether employees are filling a cup to drink or need water for coffee or cooking, they can trust that the water is clean and purified.


Are Bottleless Water Coolers Still Beneficial For The Workspace


Our bottled water cooler is an excellent alternative to old-school workplace water coolers because it promotes employee health and wellness. This hydrating solution gives employees the hydration they need to power through long work days.

The state-of-the-art office water dispenser is a hit among businesses for its delicious water, easy usability, and minimal upkeep.

People often think they don’t like the taste of water because they’re used to what comes from the tap, which may have lingering odors or traces of chemicals that affect the taste. That’s why we focus on providing crisp, clean water that people enjoy drinking. 

Not only does alkaline water taste great, but it’s also filtered and full of essential electrolytes for the body. These minerals, including magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium, help with cell repair and immunity Booster supporting solid bones. Many people opt for trendy sports drinks or bottled water, but there’s no need to rely on those when all of this is available in one purified water source. Proper hydration allows people to stay focused and keep up their energy, which is essential to endure a busy workday.

The bottleless water cooler is simple and convenient because it can accommodate nearly any water cup or bottle. Employees can only constantly refill their cups throughout the day to stay hydrated. The tanks always have chilled water ready to be dispensed, and they automatically refill when needed. This means there’s no waiting at the water cooler or worrying about if the water will give you what you need to stay healthy.

With our water cooler system, you will only have to maintain it constantly. A certified technician will deliver and install the system with little-to-no input needed from you afterward. You’ll only need to wipe down the front panels weekly; there’s no need to empty a drain tray or worry about mold build-up!

Pride, purpose and productivity are only a few advantages employees experience when they take part in eco-conscious initiatives at work. Additionally, sustainability is excellent for the environment while delving into many corporate workers’ values.

It’s time to switch to PureAquaTek. Our products feature benefits like a sealed, hygienic, direct-chill cooling system and a multi-stage purification process. Let’s find the perfect workspace water solution for you. Start your free trial today