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October 28, 2021
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PureAquaTek Bottleless Water vs. Big Box Stores

There are many choices for bottled water, but there is only one choice for PureAquaTek bottleless water coolers. Every box store is trying to sell you multiple versions of bottled water; most claim to be the best solution for your home or office, but they all fail compared to PureAquaTek. 

Several vital advantages separate our bottleless water coolers from box stores (or any other brand). Doing business with box stores may seem more convenient on the surface, but it quickly becomes apparent that their business model is built on profit first, convenience second. 

You have seen what happens when box stores try to expand their product areas beyond what they know how to manage—leading to all types of products outside their scope of knowledge!

Quality of Bottleless vs. Box Store

The first advantage is the quality of the product. Purchase your water directly from a box store (most likely plastic bottles), and its quality will suffer greatly, regardless of how it looks or tastes when you purchase it. 

Bottled water introduces an immense amount of variables into the process; every day that passes between bottling and delivery, unstable compounds will break down in many cases, necessitating the addition of other chemicals to give it that familiar taste. 

PureAquaTek uses your water source through our purified water coolers, eliminating plastic and chemicals. You see, box stores deal with municipal water sources, which can change from city to city, state to state, or even country to country! 

On the other hand, we provide a sustainable filtration system using patented technology that directly produces fresh, clean, chlorine-free drinking water from your tap. And this is not just any brand of tap water; our unique filter system removes impurities that affect your health and gives you protection. 

While box stores can make claims about their product, they cannot substantiate their claims with any complex data.

Box Store Business Model vs. PureAquaTek

box store’s business model is to get you in the door then hit you with high-pressure sales. They use manipulative tactics like “buy one get one free” promotions to get people into their shop. Once inside, box stores lack the knowledge to handle simple questions about product performance or installation, relying on sales staff’s ability to mislead customers through deceptive sales tactics rather than providing customers with basic information. 

At PureAquaTek, we take pride in ensuring our customer service representatives are highly knowledgeable about bottleless water coolers and trained in dealing with purchase inquiries. Our reps will only sell the products that best suit your specific needs while keeping them within your budget.

The Truth Behind The Plastic


Box stores operate under a box store mentality, and that means they will do everything and anything to drive down costs, even if it comes at the expense of product quality. For example, box stores typically stock large quantities of plastic bottles manufactured with cheap plastics driving down bulk prices. Box stores want to cut corners at your expense! 

At PureAquaTek, we provide a plastic-free solution with our bottleless water coolers that feature benefits like sealed, hygienic, direct-chill cooling systems and a multi-stage purification process. We can find the perfect workspace water solution for you with a direct, endless supply of cold, purified water & ice—touch-free dispensers allowing for contact-less water delivery. 

Our closed system and advanced filtration eliminate bacteria and contaminants. Water solution management & budgeting made easy. The sleek, modern design will elevate your workspace.

Finally, box stores can’t compete when it comes to product reliability. For example, box stores will claim their products are the best without actually proving their claims. However, the core of PureAquaTek stems from the conclusion that sometimes the most simple things, done poorly, can be dangerous, unnecessarily complex, and cause avoidable organizational problems.

Box Stores Expertise vs. PureAquaTek’s Guarantees


Box stores often advertise that they offer free delivery to your home; while this may sound like a nice gesture, it is an effort to incentivize you to pay their prices for cheap manufactured products. 

We at PureAquaTek believe that every customer should receive exceptional service, regardless of whether they purchase our system online or in-person! Please don’t take our word for it; consider putting our promise to the test with a 7-day free trial.

Quality Over Quantity

Lastly, box stores typically carry everything from refrigerators to microwaves, so your choices become even more limited as they try and accommodate everything. Furthermore, box stores never have access to product or installation information because box stores don’t manufacture anything; they sell on the product, so let’s say the company decides to go out of business. Box store reps will have zero ideas about their products work! Box store brands always rely on written instructions that you must install yourself. 

At PureAquaTek, we pride ourselves on providing expert water technicians that know our product inside and out. We believe it takes years of experience in this industry before someone can truly understand water systems. Ironically, box stores can’t even answer basic questions about their product!

PureAquaTek Serving Several Locations Throughout Texas

So if you want more than just a never-ending bottle water package or bottle cooler, you need to turn to the experts who deal with one product, no middlemen, no box stores, only PureAquaTek.