Why Go Bottleless?

Why go Bottleless?

Dirty Water Cooler

Is your water cooler making you sick?

The dated and standard water cooler, most commonly seen with a 5-gallon jug, is more than an eye-sore – it’s dangerous.

We know the water business and have worked with many organizations, homes, and venues to understand the frustration, pain, and dangers you might also be facing.

Toxins Can Cause Long-Term Issues

The New York Times did a study indicating that drinking contaminates are linked to millions of instances of illnesses in the United States each year.

The Open-air system can get you sick

Standard water coolers draw in air from the outside, bringing in bacteria and toxins that end up in your drinking water. Every time you hear the gulping noise, the unit pulls air and potentially harmful bacteria into the water you drink. Yuck!

Bottles Have Multiple Touches Before You Use Them

Before they reach your office, those 5-gallon jugs have been handled by at least four people. Did they wash their hands?

Everyone Uses It And Is At Risk

According to the WAMC, 90% of sick employees will still go to work. Sick absences cost the average US employer $1,685 a year.

Potential $20k Liability

No one likes to be the one to replace the water jug because it is a 42-pound squat lift and can cause serious injuries. 60% of worker’s comp claims in the administrative part of your office are due to water coolers.

Dehydration Hurts Productivity

Dehydration can cause headaches and lethargy. Therefore, drinking water is beneficial to the health of your workforce. Making it easily accessible to your staff will boost productivity and focus.

Not Pleasant To Look At

The workplace and its design environment make up almost 25% of job satisfaction. We spend nearly a third of our lives in the office, and to find and retain top talent, companies need to foster an environment that empowers by inspiring spaces.

Standard Water Coolers Are Difficult To Manage

Moving and storing full and empty bottles takes up room and can create unnecessary supply and demand issues.

Is it possible to deliver pure water and a quality experience without the frustration that also looks amazing?

Yes, with bottleless solutions from PureAquaTek.

bottleless Water Coolers

When you choose PureAquaTek and our bottleless water solution, you are saying yes to: