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November 12, 2023
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Why You Shouldn’t Have Water Delivered to Your Office

Water delivery services have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in office settings. The convenience of having fresh water constantly available is undeniable. Before your next delivery, here are several reasons to reconsider using a water delivery service.

Stop the Plastic Waste

Bottled water delivery to offices often involves using countless disposable water bottles, contributing significantly to the growing issue of plastic pollution. After serving their purpose, these bottles often end up in landfills, posing long-term environmental hazards and contributing to the ever-growing waste problem.

A more sustainable and eco-friendly approach would be to encourage reusable water bottles or a bottleless water dispenser. This drastically reduces plastic waste and promotes a culture of environmental responsibility and proper hydration within the office.

It’s Expensive!

Besides the environmental implications of water delivery, there’s also a financial aspect to consider. Over time, the cost of having water delivered to the office can accumulate significantly. Each bottled water delivery represents ongoing costs, which, when added up, can be a substantial part of operational costs.

This is especially true when comparing it to the cost of filling reusable bottles from a filtered water dispenser installed in the office or encouraging employees to bring their water from home. Opting for these alternatives not only promotes sustainability but also results in significant savings in the long run, making it a more economical choice for businesses.

Install a Water Filtration System

Installing a water filtration system in your office rather than delivering water manifests all the benefits. For one, it ensures that your water is locally sourced, reducing the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation of bottled water. Furthermore, a water filtration system provides a consistent supply of great tasting, filtered water, eliminating the need for plastic bottles.

This eco-friendly alternative not only helps preserve the environment but also adds to the convenience of having an unlimited water supply instantly available at your office. Moreover, it’s a one-time investment that leads to significant savings in the long run, contributing to your company’s financial well-being. When looking at the broader picture, installing a water filtration system is a win-win situation for both the environment and your business.

The Different Types of Available Water Dispensers

PureAquaTek has a wide range of bottleless water dispensers, each with unique features and advantages.

  1. TEK-12: This machine provides water and ice together in one. The Tek-12 uses state-of-the-art reverse osmosis purification to produce bullet ice and hot, cold, and ambient water from recessed spigots.
  2. TEK-9: Hygienic and ergonomic, Tek-9 flourishes in all environments — from the boardroom to the recreation center. Its compact size, large dispensing area, multiple water options, and LED UV to maintain system cleanliness make the W9 our most innovative model.
  3. TEK-DMI: The Tek-DMI features the latest filtration and LED UV technologies to provide a continuous supply of clean and fresh nugget ice alongside filtered water in a cooler-sized format without the need for bulky 5-gallon or plastic single-use bottles and clunky ice machines.

Each dispenser has pros and cons; the best one for your office depends on your specific needs, space availability, and budget. We here at PureAquaTek would love to meet with you and see which dispenser fits your office needs.

Healthier and Safer Choice

Despite the popular belief that bottled water is cleaner and safer, the truth might surprise many. Bottled water is not under as stringent regulation as tap water, which is regularly tested and treated for safety under the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency.

On the contrary, water dispensers from PureAquaTek implement the latest filtration technologies and LED UV light treatments to ensure the water you consume is of the highest quality, free from harmful contaminants. The water goes through a rigorous purification process, matching, if not exceeding, the safety standards set for tap water.

In a world where health and safety are paramount, switching to a water dispenser ensures you consume water that meets the strictest standards of cleanliness and safety, providing peace of mind for all.

Reducing Carbon Footprint and Plastic Pollution

The environmental impact of bottled water extends beyond the plastic waste generated by the bottles themselves. From production to transportation, the carbon footprint associated with bottled water is significantly larger than that of tap water. Producing the bottles requires petroleum and emits greenhouse gases, while the transportation of bottled water, often over long distances, adds substantially to carbon emissions.

On the other hand, by opting for a water dispenser, you can directly contribute to reducing this environmental impact. Dispensers use local water sources, thus eliminating the need for long-distance transportation and the carbon emissions it entails. Furthermore, by using your own glass or reusable bottle, you not only cut down on plastic waste, but also indirectly reduce the demand for bottled water production.

Overall, the switch to a water dispenser can be a step towards a more eco-conscious office environment, aligning your business practices with the global drive towards sustainability.

Building an Office Culture with Water Dispensers

In addition to the environmental and health benefits, having a water dispenser in the break room can foster camaraderie and encourage social interaction among colleagues. Instead of remaining isolated at their desks with individual water bottles, employees can gather around the water dispenser for short, refreshing breaks. These moments offer informal conversations and bonding opportunities, which can strengthen team dynamics and boost overall morale.

Moreover, it can help office workers break away from their desks, stretch, and give their minds a brief respite from work, aiding in productivity and preventing burnout. Easy access to a water dispenser can serve as more than just a source of hydration – it can be a hub for socialization with co-workers and a positive office culture, enhancing the overall work environment.

Proper hydration is crucial for maintaining overall health and productivity in a work setting. Staying well-hydrated enhances cognitive function, improves energy levels, and boosts mood, significantly impacting work performance. Moreover, water is essential for various bodily functions, including regulating body temperature, removing waste, and maintaining bodily functions. A water dispenser in the office encourages regular water intake, ensuring employees remain hydrated throughout the day. With easy access to clean and safe water, employees are more likely to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water per day, promoting a healthier and more productive workplace.

Saving Office Space with Water Dispensers

Storing bottled water can take up considerable office space, which could be used for other vital purposes. Cases of bottled water demand a significant amount of storage area and maintaining a sufficient supply would require frequent restocking, further exacerbating the issue.

On the contrary, water dispensers take up a fraction of that space. A single, compact dispenser provides an endless supply of clean water, eliminating the need for physical storage. By transitioning to a water dispenser, you can better utilize your office real estate, promoting efficiency and organization within your workspace.

Offering More Choices with Water Dispensers

Water dispensers from PureAquaTek offer more than just hydration; they provide a satisfying and customizable drinking experience. Unlike the monotony of the same bottled water daily, dispensers allow users to choose between chilled or room temperature water based on their preference. This flexibility enhances user satisfaction, making hydration a more enjoyable and personalized experience.

Moreover, some of our advanced water dispenser models offer the option to add various flavors to the water, transforming a simple glass of water into a flavorful and refreshing beverage. This feature encourages more frequent hydration among employees and adds an element of surprise and anticipation, enriching the daily water drinking routine.

In essence, our water dispensers cater to individual tastes and preferences, stepping away from the one-size-fits-all approach prevalent with bottled water.