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The Dangers Of Dehydration In The Workplace
May 19, 2022
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Why Bottleless Is Better Than Bottled Water Cooler
July 14, 2022

Reverse Osmosis? Why Is It So Popular?

Reverse osmosis, in particular, is one of the most popular water filtering technologies. We’ll look at the various reverse osmosis water advantages to help you understand why it’s so popular. We’ll also tell you about the potential disadvantages of drinking reverse osmosis water. 


Reverse Osmosis Water Benefits


Reverse Osmosis Is Strongly Effective in Eradicating contaminants.

When discussing the advantages of reverse osmosis, it’s worth mentioning that they effectively perform their function (filtering drinking water). The technique is utilized at every scale, from large (i.e. treating wastewater) to tiny (i.e. filtering in a water cooler).

Reverse osmosis removes up to 98% of these chemicals from your drinking water. This is considerably more successful than using a charcoal filter alone, which cannot remove several pollutants.


Reverse Osmosis is Energy Efficient

Given the power and effectiveness of reverse osmosis systems, you may be shocked to learn that it doesn’t consume energy. This contrasts starkly with distillation, which demands heat and electricity.


On-Demand Clean Water

An additional benefit of a reverse osmosis technology used directly within our water cooler systems is that it’s already built-in, and you don’t need to worry about replacing or maintaining the process. It provides clean drinking water on demand.


RO Bottleless Water Coolers Will Save You Money

Another example of the critical reverse osmosis system’s benefits is its ability to reduce living expenses. For example, if you’re used to buying bottled water, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much cheaper it is to filter your home or office water supply.


Limitations of Reverse Osmosis

PureAquaTek believes in transparency. We prefer to be very open and honest about the potential drawbacks of reverse osmosis water chillers, even though we sell them.


Getting Used To The Taste

The most significant disadvantage of RO is that you may not enjoy the flavor immediately. Reverse osmosis removes minerals you’re used to in water, making it taste flat or strange.

It’s important to note that mineral removal occurs in the RO process. Many people believe that these minerals in water are essential for optimum health. In reality, your body relies on food to acquire the majority of its supply of these minerals. 



A reverse osmosis system is ideal if you’re searching for the most satisfactory water cooler system. These systems have gained much traction across the country for a reason.

To summarize the advantages we’ve gone through, reverse osmosis is an excellent tool for removing pollutants. It’s also energy-efficient, produces water on demand, and saves money.

The primary disadvantage is the strangeness of the initial flavor, but you’ll get used to it after some time.


Reverse Osmosis Filtration in Every Bottleless Water Cooler

PureAquaTek Bottleless Water Cooler provides superior Reverse Osmosis filtration for hot and cold water, a feature most regular water coolers do not offer. 

When you choose PureAquaTek and our bottleless water solution, you are saying yes to:

  • Sealed, Hygienic, Direct-Chill Cooling System
  • Multi-Stage Purification Process
  • Clean Contact Surface
  • Touch-Free Dispenser
  • Budgeting Made Easy
  • Reverse Osmosis Technology
  • Endless Supply of Cold, Purified Water + ICE
  • Tankless
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

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